Do you wish to understand the Qur’aan in its original language? Have you ever found yourself envying Arabic speakers because they can easily comprehend the Book of Allaah without resorting to translations?

At Taqwa Trust takes great pleasure in presenting a brand new Arabic language course in 4 levels bringing you closer to your dream. Begin to understand the Qur’aan, stay more focused in your salaah, memorize soorahs more easily and feel a deeper, stronger connection when you make du’aa – all by learning the Arabic language.

This course caters for both children and adults, has limited spaces and is for committed students only.


Dr. Jamal Owaidah | Dr. Emran Mefleh
(Both are experts in teaching Arabic)


Children 6-12
Weekends 10:00 – 11:30 am
From Saturday 9 September

Tuesday and Wednesday after ishaa 7:30 pm (DST)
From Tuesday 5 September

Duration: 4 months each level

Fees: $35 per month

Aims for Level 1


  • to write your name in Arabic
  • the greetings
  • common sentences in Arabic
  • the meanings of the main words in the short soorahs
  • to use words in complete sentences
  • Arabic conjunctions
  • demonstrative pronouns in Arabic

Fore more information, please call:
Dr. Jamal Owaidah | 021 083 7569 or
Tanzeel Hussain | 021 724 923

learn arabic langauge course